Neck Pain
If you have neck pain, you could end up with restricted ability to turn and bend. This can affect your ability to drive safely, watch after your children, and even affect your ability to cross the street safely. Neck pain can rapidly move up into your head and cause headaches. It can move down towards your shoulders and spread into your back, causing even more pain. It can even go down into your arms, possibly causing numbing in your hands.

Ignoring Pain
Pain is a call from your body that something is not right. It is unpleasant because it is nature’s way of trying to make you pay attention and act quickly. If you don’t, the penalty at minimum, is more pain. Don’t just reach for the pain killers. You may open the door to a huge number of possible side effects.

Don't Rely On Pain Killers
There is no reason to solely rely on pain-killers. You should be able to live without pain. You should be able to turn and bend effortlessly. Get yourself a chiropractic consultation and exam. See what we can do for you.