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Neck Pain: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

If you have neck pain, you could end up with a restricted ability to turn and bend. This can affect your ability to drive safely, watch after your children, and work efficiently. Neck pain can rapidly move up into your head and cause headaches. It can also move down towards your shoulders and spread into your back, causing even more pain. If left untreated neck pain can even move down into your arms, and possibly cause numbing in your hands.

A variety of factors can contribute to neck pain. The leading causes of neck pain are: 

  • Strained Muscles – Neck muscles are usually strained by poor posture or by grinding your teeth. Muscles in your neck can also be strained or injured just by doing daily activities like getting out of bed or bending at the wrong angle. 
  • Nerve Compression – Herniated discs can put pressure on the nerves that branch out from your spinal column. This can cause numbness and tingling in your extremities. 
  • Injuries – Injuries like car accidents can cause whiplash, and strain the soft tissues of the neck. 


Pain is a call from your body that something is not right. The worst thing you can do when you have neck pain is to ignore your problem. Reaching for pain pills won't fix your problem either, it will only mask the underlying condition. The best course of action is a chiropractic consultation and exam to determine the root cause of your pain. With non-invasive and gentle manipulation of your spine, our chiropractors can treat your neck pain and get you feeling like your old self again. 

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