7 Signs it's Time to Visit a Doctor for your Back Pain

7 Signs That It’s Time to See a Doctor About Your Back Pain  

back pain signs that tell you need medical aid

Having back pain can be a very uncomfortable experience. Your back goes along your whole body, so back pain makes it feel like everything is in pain.  It can be dull or sharp and radiate to the lower back, leg, or foot. Several different medical conditions can cause it. Our back and spine specialist will ask you to describe the type of pain you are experiencing before moving forward with the best-suited treatment for you; therefore, it's vital to understand the signs and symptoms of back pain.  

Symptoms of back pain can range from a burning sensation to a fever. Symptoms can also be related to the joints, muscle tightening, and kyphotic deformity. Often, back pain is due to the body not moving properly, especially in the lower back. Call us today! Getting the most reliable and proven pain management for back pain should be your utmost priority if you struggle with severe back pain.  

Back pain treatment aims to alleviate the pain and restore function. Depending on the severity of your condition, you may need to visit our lower back pain doctor or physical therapist. You may be prescribed a TENS machine or can also receive acupuncture or massage therapy. However, these are generally recommended for short periods of time.  

Below-mentioned are seven common signs of back pain you must be aware of: 

Constant Ache in the Back Muscles 

A constant ache in your back muscles is a common sign of back pain. It may be a sign of a minor injury or a more serious condition and is generally caused by damage to the muscles, joints, or bones. Aside from pain, back injuries may lead to weakness or muscle instability. It may also interfere with bowel or bladder control. You should consult our lower back pain doctor and seek medical attention as soon as possible if the pain persists.  

Muscle Tightening 

Muscle tightening in the back can be a warning sign of an underlying problem. Symptoms can include loss of bowel control, difficulty in moving, or pain. Moreover, the back spasm may signal a serious injury to the vertebrae, ligaments, or spinal discs. The most common causes of muscle tightening in the back are strenuous physical activity and poor posture. It's important to consult a doctor if the symptoms persist. Visit our pain management doctor in Brookhaven if you experience muscle tightening frequently.  

Burning Sensation 

Burning sensation in back

Having a burning sensation in your back can be a source of concern, and a reason to go to a doctor as soon as possible. This type of pain is caused by several physical and neurological conditions and may signal the presence of a more serious issue. While a burning sensation in the back may not require medical attention, it is best to have it checked out by our back pain management doctor in Brookhaven and get the best-suited treatment for back pain and burning sensation before it gets worse.  Prevention is the best medicine.  


Having back pain with a fever can indicate several different health problems. Some are mild, while others are potentially life-threatening. The key is to figure out the cause of the pain and then treat it accordingly. If you are unsure about your back pain condition and have a little fever, it's highly advisable to consult our back pain doctor immediately and discuss how to deal with back pain and severe fever conditions. Better safe than sorry, especially with your body and your life! 

Difficulty Moving the Joints Properly 

Having difficulty moving the joints properly can be a sign of a serious problem. Reach out to us or visit our clinic to learn about back pains and how to deal with them effectively. You can relieve back pain by taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, warm baths, and heat packs. Our back specialist can also manually manipulate your joints to relieve pain. This can be a safe and effective way to help your back heal.  

Inflammatory Disorder 

Several medical conditions can cause back pain, including inflammatory disorders, which can occur anywhere along the spine. If left untreated, these conditions can cause permanent nerve damage. It can be acute or chronic. While acute back pain lasts a few days to a few weeks, chronic back pain may last for several months or years. If you experience continuous pain, you may have a serious underlying condition and should visit our pain management doctor in Brookhaven immediately.  

Disk Disease 

Disc disease

Disc disease is one of the most common causes of low back pain caused by natural wear and tear on the spinal discs. It can cause pain and weakness in your arms or legs and can also cause changes in your neighboring spinal vertebra pain from disc disease can be mild to severe and can interfere with your daily activities.  Nobody wants that. It is often relieved by standing or walking but can worsen if you sit or bend. Reach out to us for the best-suited lower back pain treatment in Brookhaven. A specialist will design a treatment plan for your specific case. 

Key Takeaways  

Back pain can be a very painful experience and signify several different possible conditions. Our back pain management doctor in Brookhaven will recommend physical therapy to improve your flexibility and strength. They will show you exercises to improve your posture. You may also be advised to use ice packs, heating pads, and other treatments to ease the pain.   

Regardless of the cause, it's important to get treatment for back pain as soon as possible, or the condition could get worse. Get in touch with our back and spine specialist and discuss your back pain condition with them for personalized and effective back pain treatment. You may also be prescribed an anti-inflammatory diet, in which avoiding foods high in saturated fats and refined carbohydrates can help you heal.