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Tendonitis is one of the most common wrist-related conditions, and it is caused by a simple overuse of the wrist tendons. If you are experiencing wrist tendonitis you could have swelling around your wrist joint. You might also experience a grinding sensation when you move your wrist, accompanied by feelings of pain.

If you’re experiencing wrist tendonitis there are a variety of nonsurgical options at your disposal. Immobilizing the wrist is usually the first step in treating tendonitis. Anti-inflammatory medications along with ice are then used to combat swelling in the joint. Specific physical therapy exercises can then be used to strengthen the muscles in the wrist and hand in order to prevent further injury. 

Our experienced and caring staff will provide the proper diagnostic tools to determine the cause of your wrist pain. Once the cause of the pain is determined, we can customize a treatment plan that will improve range of motion and mobility, while simultaneously reducing pain. Don’t let wrist pain slow you down, call today to schedule an appointment and start living pain-free.