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Stem Cell Therapy

Stem-cell treatment involves the use of stem cells to treat joint conditions. Stem-cells have a unique ability to mimic the cells around the space in which they are exposed. If stem-cells are planted into an area that is injured, like a knee or elbow, the stem cells can mimic the other cells and help accelerate the healing process. They are especially powerful in non-invasive reparative therapies for joints and muscles. Why go under the knife if you can heal faster without the dangers of surgery? 

The most common type of reparative therapy we use at Discover Optimal Health is Bone Marrow Stem Cells. This process involves viable stem cells being obtained from the patient’s own bone marrow. This procedure takes 10 minutes to do using an FDA approved device. This is the standard for reparative medicine and cell therapy. Compliant to use in the United States. This therapy shows significant promise in regard to treating joint conditions, and it is especially effective in treating spine pain. Our stem cell injections can be implemented to reduce pain and rebuild injured joints, bones or muscles.

Reparative Cell injection treatments are extremely safe and very effective when treating orthopedic ailments and injuries.  In addition to repairing broken tissue, stem cell injections lubricate joints to prevent further injury. They also promote new cartilage growth for long-term repairs.

Discover Optimal Healthcare prides itself on being pioneers in the health and wellness industry. Contact our office to receive more information on how Reparative Cell Therapy can improve your health.