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Labrum Tears

The hip labrum is a specialized piece of cartilage that runs along the socket of the hip. The hip labrum helps provide stability to the hip and acts as a shock absorber. If your hip labrum had been torn you will experience:

  • Deep groin pain or pain in the buttocks.
  • A clicking sound when you move your hip, as well as stiffness in the joint
  • Hip pain
  • Breakdown of posture
  • Locking of the hip

Hip labrum tears can be caused by repetitive wear and tear on the joint, a traumatic injury, osteoarthritis of the hip, and stress fractures. Here at Discover Optimal Health, we treat hip labrum tears using physical therapy. By using specific exercises to strengthen the hip, we can help to increase the range of motion, and decrease pain in the hip joint. Physical therapy will also stabilize the joint, promote healing, and prevent further injury.