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The Peripheral Nervous System is an extension of your Central Nervous System (brain and spinal cord), which is a system of nerves that branch beyond the spinal cord and serves the outer aspects of your body, such as your legs and feet. Peripheral neuropathy refers to conditions that affect your nerves primarily in the feet and legs, and occasionally in the hands, fingers, and arms. There are many types of Peripheral Neuropathy and many causes. 

  •  Mechanical (aka compressive) forms of neuropathy – These most often result from mechanical joint problems that compress the nerves as they exit from the spine (or are compressed inside other joints) before they reach their final destinations. 
  • Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy – A large percentage of people who have undergone chemotherapy also develop peripheral neuropathy, as many of the chemicals aimed at killing cancer cells also damage peripheral nerve cells. Also, very common prescription drugs can be the cause of neuropathy. 


  • Nerve Release Therapy: Utilizing gentle manipulation, traction, and manual therapy, our chiropractors will gradually reduce the pressure on your nerves to allow them to heal and begin functioning normally. 
  • Ankle Nerve Blocks: Our medical doctors will identify those specific nerves that are malfunctioning by either over-firing or under-firing (or both). Then, utilizing a series of ankle injections, these nerves will be gradually de-sensitized. This allows the connections at the nerve endings to be reset, much like what occurs when you reboot your computer when it no longer runs the way it’s supposed to.
  • Electrotherapy: following each nerve block session, a special form of electrotherapy will be administered to stimulate further nerve healing by gently pulsating the affected nerves. This is usually continued at home with daily 30-minute sessions.