There is no reason to live with migraines.
If you can even call suffering with migraines, “living”. You wouldn’t put up living with any other unacceptable conditions would you? If your car brakes were bad, you would get that fixed. If you had ants infesting your house, you would do something about it right?

What are migraines?
A migraine is a neurological disease similar to having moderate to severe headaches associated with certain nervous system symptoms. These headaches often affect only one half of the head with a pulsating pain that can last from two hours to two or three days. Symptoms can include debilitating nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light, sound, and smell. While similar in some aspects, migraines are very different than a normal headache. They are generally much more extreme. Many people experience episodic migraines so severe they can be disabled until the episode is over. Others suffer from chronic migraines, which can also be quite severe and which causes constant pain for extended periods of time.

How can migraines be treated?
Methods used to treat a headache, such as taking aspirin, can provide temporary relief to more mild migraines. However, they will not be effective at treating more moderate or severe migraines. Traditional episodic migraine treatments include more advanced medication like analgesics, triptans, and ergotamines. These medications treat different symptoms of the migraine itself, but only after the episodic migraine pain begins. For chronic migraines, these medications are not as effective. However, a new method of migraine treatment is being developed and is now available. This treatment uses Botox.

How is Botox used to treat migraines?
Botox was initially developed as an aesthetic treatment to help with skin tightening, but its effects have been found to have other practical uses. One of these new applications is in the treatment of chronic migraines. By injecting Botox into certain parts of the head, relief from chronic pain can last for several weeks at a time, offering significant relief for those suffering from this kind of migraine. Ultimately a physician will need to prescribe this form of treatment based on each individual, but it is a promising new technology for those who suffer from chronic migraines. If you have suffered from chronic or episodic migraines and normal treatments have not worked, call us today. At Discover Optimal, we are on the cutting edge of non-invasive treatment strategies. Botox treatments for migraines can help you become pain and migraine free.